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Commercial Tire Catalog

At Wilson Tire Company, we provide commercial tires to customers in Upper Sandusky, OH, Kenton, OH, Tiffin, OH, and the surrounding areas. Use our commercial tire guide below to learn more about drive, steer, trailer and all position tires. Compare the functions and features to choose the right tire for your needs. Browse our tire catalog full of the best brands in the industry and save.

Michelin® Tires BFGoodrich® Tires Uniroyal® Tires Cooper Tires Mastercraft Tires Continental Tires General Tires Bridgestone Tires Firestone Tires Nitto Tires Goodyear Tires Toyo Tires Capitol Tires Dunlop Tires Yokohama Tires

Commercial Tires

New Commercial Tires

Are Your Commercial Tires Costing You Money?

All commercial tires need to be replaced eventually, but you might be spending more money than necessary if you're constantly changing them. Make sure you're investing in the best commercial tires for your fleet and needs and not the fleet of the business next door. At Wilson Tire Company, commercial tires are our specialty. We'll help you find exactly what you need at a price that's right. Our large tire inventory is stocked with popular brands at competitive prices, as well as retread truck tires. We have:

  • Yokohama:  RY617 | RY023 | 703VL | TY527 | TY517 | RY407, G02L
  • MICHELIN®: XDA5+ | XZE2 | XZA3+ | X One Line Energy T | X One xte
  • Bridgestone: r283 | r197 | M854
  • BFGoodrich: ST230
  • Firestone: 591 | 561 | FD663 | FD691 | T831 | 820 | T839 | T831

  • Synergy: SP100 | P202 | SY1010 | DP200
  • Goodyear: G622 | G394sst Dura Fuel Max | G392ssd Dura Fuel Max | 296 | 399A | 316LHT Fuelmax
  • Dayton: D640M

11R22.5, 11R24.5, 295/75 R 22.5, 285/75 R 24.5 are in Black

Super Singles are in Red Letters

315/80r22.5 are in Grey Letters

It's our business to help businesses in Upper Sandusky, OH, Kenton, OH, Tiffin, OH, Marion, OH, Findlay, OH, Fremont, OH, Marysville, OH, and surrounding areas. Contact your nearest location today to learn more about our inventory or get a price quote, or shop online using the commercial tire catalog.

Choose the Best Commercial Tire

Commercial Tires in Upper Sandusky, OH

Blindly picking a commercial truck tire from a popular brand will only get you so far. Each tire in our inventory is manufactured for specific needs. Determine what you want out of your commercial tires by thinking about the following factors: 

  • Price: You won't stay in business if you're losing more money than you make. Commercial tires are one of the biggest expenses for many fleet managers across the country. Determine how much you can afford; we recommend making commercial tires are priority item since they play such an important role.
  • Longevity: Pay attention to the expected lifespan of the commercial tire you choose. This will determine how often you need to shop for new or retread commercial tires. It might be worth investing in a tire with a long lifespan if your trucks travel many miles a day.
  • Features: Some commercial tires are built for rain and some are built for snow. Take a look at the weather and road conditions your drivers face and choose a tire built for the challenges ahead. Keeping your drivers safe and using a tire optimized for the journey is always a wise choice.
  • Speed Rating: Grab a tire that is able to safely travel at maximum speed allowed on the route(s) your drivers take
  • Load Capacity: Pay attention to how much weight you need the tire to carry, and remember to take into consideration the vehicle as well as the load it will be transporting.

Talk with us in person, over the phone, or online to learn more about our commercial tires and services. We look forward to helping your business save.

Custom Fleet Services

We also offer customized fleet services, including:

  • Hub replacements
  • Complete fleet checks
  • Truck alignment
  • Inventory control
  • Service call during and after hours
  • Mount/dismount/wheel switch
  • Wheel reconditioning
  • New tire and retread sales
  • Diagnosing/repairing/troubleshooting truck tire issues
  • Complete tire programs for your application requirements
  • Mounted tire programs
  • Centralized billing
  • Scrap tire analysis

Contact your nearest location today.

Retread Truck Tires

Save Money with Retread Truck Tires

At Wilson Tire Company, we also have retread truck tires for sale. Also known as recap tires, retread tires are a great way to save money. Our inventory provides you with the means you need to stay in budget while feeling good that you're providing your drivers with safe tires. Many businesses, including the United States Postal Service, use retread tires.

Retread Truck Tires in Upper Sandusky, OH

Acutread Models

167 Drive

  • Designed for Long Haul, Regional, and Short Haul Applications
  • Open Shoulder design for good traction in all weather conditions
  • Full Depth Siping for improved appearance and full traction until removal
  • Special pitched design to decrease road harmonics

Retread Truck Tires in Upper Sandusky, OH

XDL Drive

  • Designed for Long Haul, Regional, and Short Haul Drive Applications
  • Wide, closed-shoulder tread for improved ear, extended mileage, and lower cost per mile
  • Full-depth Siping for improved appearance and full traction throughout the tread life
  • Pitched design to decrease road harmonics

Retread Truck Tires in Upper Sandusky, OH

RTT Trailer

  • Designed for all trailer applications including long haul, regional, short haul, and P&D
  • Deep 5-rib V-groove design with increased rib width to decrease tread squirm and irregular wear and increase mileage
  • Full Depth Siping for improved appearance and proper heat dissipation until removal
  • Solid semi-rounded shoulder design to eliminate chunking and tearing

Retread Truck Tires in Upper Sandusky, OH

Spread Axle Trailer

  • Designed for use in high-scrub trailer applications such as Regional & Spread Axle use
  • Increased tread volume with a wide footprint for extended wear
  • Rounded shoulder to resist tearing
  • Tapered tread grooves to resist stone retention

Retread Truck Tires in Upper Sandusky, OH

Bandag BTL-SA Rib

Specifically engineered for spread- and multi-axle trailer applications, the tread features tough shoulders for tires that twist, scrape and scrub as lateral stress is created when trailers corner.

Bandag says that tires on the forward axle of larger spread axle trailers really take a beating. The shoulders on the BTL-SA design are said to resist scrub-induced belt separations caused by dragging the forward axle tires in tight turns or while maneuvering at crowded loading docks.

The new design has a 16/32-in. tread depth and is now available in 210, 220 and 230mm sizes.


Goodyear G316 Fuel Max Trailer

  • Fuel Max Technology Helps use less fuel to go the same distance.
  • 12/32" tread depth Helps reduce pressure on the tread and offers toughness for low rolling resistance and long tire life.
  • All-steel, four-belt package Help minimize shoulder wear for many miles to removal.
  • Solid shoulder rib and uniquely shaped pressure distribution groove Help deliver all-season performance on wet, snowy or dry roads.
  • Two wide circumferential grooves and lateral grooves

Trade-in values- if we see your tire(s) meets our quality standards we can give you credit.

Casings- can be obtained by our business sending in your old casings (tire(s)) to be retreaded

Standards for Casings to be approved:

  • Cannot be more than 7 years old (check the last four pic# digits of the tire D.O.T.)
  • Steel cords cannot be visible

***Has to be pre-approved by the retread manufacturing company

Popular Sizes for Casing Credits:
295/75R22.5   A   $80
275/80R22.5   A   $80
11R22.5          A   $75
285/75R24.5   A   $50
11R24.5          A   $85

Popular Sizes for Casing Cost:
295/75R22.5   A   $90
275/80R22.5   A   $90
11R22.5          A   $85
285/75R24.5   A   $60
11R24.5          A   $95

We proudly help fleet managers and truckers across Upper Sandusky, OH, Kenton, OH, Tiffin, OH, Marion, OH, Findlay, OH, Fremont, OH, Marysville, OH, and surrounding areas.

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